Is the machine washable rug worth buying?

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I to like home decoration. From discovering new brands online to discovering a unique antique at the flea market, the decorating journey is just as fulfilling as seeing the items I’ve found live in my home. For me, decorating is an art. It’s an opportunity to express my personal style while simultaneously creating an overall energy that comforts and inspires me and the guests.

A home decor piece that always attracts me is a rug. Both vintage and new, rugs bring warmth, comfort and style to the home. And because I love them so much, I have rugs everywhere, even in areas prone to spills and stains, like the kitchen and dining room. So when I heard about the popular machine washable rug brand Ruggable, I was all ears.

What is Ruggedable?

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Ruggable is the brainchild of Jeneva Bell, a woman who faced a fate many of us know only too well: her puppy had an accident on her rug. The frustration of the accident led her to wonder why the carpets couldn’t be washed in the first place. We wash our bedding. We wash our towels. We wash our curtains. So why were there no washable mats? Thus, Ruggable was born.

A Ruggable washable rug consists of two pieces: a lightweight cover and a non-slip underpad. The cover features a woven polyester chenille top surface, an internal polyurethane waterproof barrier in the middle, and a polyester tricot bottom surface. It is 100% machine washable and water and stain resistant.

The pad is made of the same latex-free material used in yoga mats. The mat attaches to the cushion by tucking the corners of the cushion into small pockets on the mat. The edges are then reinforced with velcro. In the event of a spill, you can simply slide the mat off the cushion, throw it in the wash, and replace it when dry.

Heavy duty rugs are available in a variety of sizes and designs including doormats, round rugs, runners and 2ft by 3ft up to 9ft by 12ft.

What I like about Ruggable

There are two big reasons why I like Ruggable. The first is that it is washable. I really think this is a game-changer for the kitchen, where I constantly cook and spill. Going from the stove to the sink with a spoonful of tomato sauce has gotten the better of me (and my mat) on several occasions, and I just don’t think a high-end mat has any place here.

The dining room is another place I use Ruggable. I entertain a lot and dinners can be messy. Being able to throw the rug in the washing machine makes life so much easier and means I don’t have to worry about guests (or me) getting stains on the rug.

The second big reason I love Ruggable is the non-slip mat. For years, the runner rug in my hallway frustrated me. I’ve tried a generic non-slip pad clamp, but it swells when I go over the carpet with my vacuum cleaner. It also collapses quickly. The Ruggable cushion, on the other hand, adds supreme comfort when I step on it. It holds the mat securely in place and I never have to straighten the mat. I love that Ruggable also offers two types of rug pads: a classic rug pad (great for use under doors, rolling furniture, and outdoor areas) and a padded rug pad (great for that ultra-comfy feel under your feet).

Also good to note: as a pet owner, Ruggable was very helpful. The ability to quickly remove the hairball marks my cat throws or the dirty wet paw prints of my pup makes the messes my furry friends make a little less stressful.

What I don’t like about Ruggable

I think Ruggable still has some way to go in terms of aesthetics and construction. The feeling of a rug under my feet is part of the appeal of having one in the first place. Ruggable’s traditional design is soft, but doesn’t have much depth. It is not hand woven with Persian wool. It is not made from organic vegetable dyes or derived from high quality pigments. When it comes to appearance, most designs are all-encompassing rather than complex.

To be fair, these are probably minute details for the everyday consumer, not deal breakers. I happen to be a carpet snob (no shame!).

Are heavy-duty mats worth it?

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In short: it depends. I don’t think you need a Ruggable rug in every room of your home, unless of course that’s your preference. They are best suited for high traffic areas and places prone to spills, such as hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, and perhaps family rooms.

As the owner of both a cat and a dog, I can also attest that for any puppy or pet parent, swapping out this hand-knotted vintage Persian rug for a Ruggable rug up to your pet nailed the potty training trick is worth the cost. You will avoid spending hours on all fours trying to absorb accidents because you will only have to throw it in the washing machine.

Also, as the brand progresses, they come up with better designs that are more like what I’m looking for in a unique rug. Ruggable now has shag rugs and has even collaborated with top designers like Jonathan Adler, so hopefully this brand will continue to thrive.

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