Kristina Afram, one of the most influential beauty and fashion bloggers

“Kristina Afram, one of the most influential beauty and fashion bloggers”

Our world today is witnessing a high speed feed of fashion and beauty blogs, and the number of bloggers in such an area has proven to be untold. This is why being in such a field makes a blogger an exception. Kristina Afram is one of the most influential fashion and beauty bloggers who has her wonderful touch in such an area.

The highly visual fields of fashion and beauty have seen a sea of ​​unprecedented change in the digital age. One of them was learning about new trends in glossy fashion magazines that told us what prints and shades were in or out, how to dress for the season, and whether flared pants were a “to do” or a. “not to do”. With the rise of YouTube and Instagram, influencer marketing is making waves on social media and brands are benefiting a lot. Indeed, it can be difficult to come up with a definitive list of fashion beauty influencers, it is a very popular niche and there are a lot of people who have some influence in the field. When selecting Lebanese fashion and beauty bloggers, Kristina Afram’s name is spontaneously mentioned.

Kristina Afram is a renowned Swedish beauty and fashion influencer / blogger from Lebanon. She’s been doing her thing since 2017 and has produced tons of fantastic content since that time. Kristina began her journey as a fashion and beauty blogger out of passion and interest five years ago. Knowing that she is a former Miss Lebanon Sweden and a renowned beauty expert, and with her exceptional and charismatic presence, Kristina has been able to make a splash in such a demanding field since the day she started creating its content.

Thousands of people are turning to social media for information, recommendations and entertainment. In turn, Kristine gained over 120,000 followers, from all over the world, who were very interested and influenced by her Instagram content. She uses to keep her Instagram feed full of her eye-catching and amazing photos and recommendations for various brands, boutiques and fashion items. She was able to establish her credibility and audience due to her reliability and authenticity in every store and brand that she has collaborated with with different hotels, restaurants, fashion designers, makeup brands and many other well known brands.

To follow Kristine’s content, just visit her “christyofficial” Instagram account,

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