Local organization aims to improve education


THE Iqraa Trust, a non-profit organization based in the heart of Berea, continues its mission of educating young people.

The organization, established in 1994, runs regular workshops that include training for teachers and parents to help their children excel in math. The workshops are held at the Iqraa Trust Knowledge Center located inside Hunt Road High School.

At the most recent workshop, Dr Mahmoud Baker, President of Iqraa Trust, opened both programs with valuable advice to teachers and parents on the importance of an education that addresses all social and economic challenges. facing South Africa.

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Dr Mahmoud Baker said: “Educators have learned to deal with areas of mathematics that require special attention as early as possible, so that learners develop good mathematical understanding. The Maths Gaps series is an ideal support tool for parents who want to help their children build a solid foundation in math and to strengthen their children’s understanding of math in areas where they are having difficulty.

In addition to the teachers’ workshop, the Iqraa Trust organized a workshop for parents, in partnership with Accelerated Learning. According to Dr Baker, the workshop aims to provide parents with a variety of skills to understand and support their children in the education process.

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The workshop covered topics such as the best study skills, the 10 best skills for success for children, focus and focus techniques, language models, understanding personality type and styles of your child’s learning and the characteristics of different types of learning.

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