Louis Vuitton takes over the top of the Vogue Business Index

For the third consecutive time, the same brands retain their place in the top 10 of the Business in vogue Index, but with some position changes inside it. Louis Vuitton returns to the top of the rankings, while the reintroduction of the financial pillar has allowed Chanel to regain a place in the top five. Confidence continues to drive consumer sentiment scores for this cohort, while strong digital strategies, progress against ESG objectives and a continued focus on customer service have all enabled them to defend their status as industry leaders. sector.

1.Louis Vuitton


Change of rank: +2

Louis Vuitton regains first place in the Business in vogue Index. Not only is the French house the luxury fashion company with the highest sales figures in the world, but it also records a strong performance in the ESG and Innovation pillars. Few brands can match its combined levels of prestige and buzz in the eyes of consumers.

2. Dior


Rank change: -1

Dior remains the brand with the most successful digital strategy in the Index. The brand’s high-quality video content has set the standard in the luxury arena. Its continued commitment to high quality shows over the past few seasons has caught the eye of consumers and it only loses points on a more cautious approach to the Innovation pillar than some of its peers.



Rank change: -1

Gucci does almost everything right. Kering’s leading brand is the most innovative luxury brand, combining excellent customer service across all channels with unreserved forays into new digital products like NFTs. No brand performs so well on the ESG pillar either, with Gucci continuing to be a true leader in the world of luxury.


Chanel Limited

Change of rank: +6

The reintegration of financial results into the Business in vogue Index served to propel Chanel up to fourth position. It recently announced that its operating profit had increased by 57.5% compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2021 and that only Louis Vuitton was selling more than the brand. It is both the most sought after and most loved fashion brand in the world, according to the luxury consumer survey conducted for the study.

5.Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Company

Rank change: -1

Ralph Lauren sharpened its high-end luxury brand image. Discount stores were closed and flashy new outlets like the brand’s latest flagship in Milan became the new target. The latest survey data shows that few high-end fashion companies are more trusted by luxury shoppers around the world than Ralph Lauren, which has more than done the work to earn its place at the top of this ranking.

6. Hermes

Hermes International

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