Medterra Isolate CBD Oil Review – Forbes Health

I purchased Medterra’s Isolated CBD Oil, which is made with CBD isolate and MCT oil. I purchased a 60 milliliter bottle that contained a total of 6,000 milligrams of CBD, or 100 milligrams of CBD per 1 milliliter serving.

Although it’s a bit pricey (the economy-size bottle is $199.99), I absolutely loved Medterra’s Isolated CBD Oil. Some CBD oils taste really bitter and almost sour, but this one is tasteless. I felt almost instantly relaxed after taking a dropper full of 100 milligrams of CBD. The more I took, the worse the effects got: I tested Medterra’s Isolated CBD Oil for a month, and found that during that time I was more relaxed and slept better than usual. Also, I really appreciate that it is third party tested to ensure there are no detectable levels of THC (less than 0.01%), heavy metals, pesticides, solvents or germs.

I chose the highest potency of CBD available from Medterra in their isolate oil product, but lower potencies are also available, and at more affordable prices.

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