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Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on September 8 of natural causes at Balmoral Castle after reigning for 70 years. Her Majesty was an icon not only for her British royalty, but also for her fashion sense. She was regularly seen at horse races and walking around the gardens of Buckingham Palace wearing monochromatic skirts and elaborate hats.

The Queen’s style has influenced designers and other royalty throughout her life, so it’s only fair that we take a closer look at her various outfits and figure out what we can learn from her fashion. Grab a teapot and a handful of pearl necklaces and read on.

Accessorize like your life depends on it

The Queen has never been seen without a string of pearls adorning her throat, a sparkling lapel brooch and her diamond wedding band. On special occasions at grand public gatherings, she also wore various gem and diamond encrusted tiaras that had been passed down to her from generation to generation as part of the royal collection.

The queen also festooned her ears with beautiful jewelry such as the Duchess of Teck earrings, small earrings with a center of pearls surrounded by diamonds. She wore them on a royal tour of Australia in 1954 and paired them with a pair of floral brooches.

At a young age, she wore elbow-length white satin gloves on which she threaded delicate bracelets.

Her jewelry collection was vast and always beautiful. It shows that it’s a good idea to spend your money on jewelry and accessories, and that no occasion is too casual for a little bling.

Dress up boldly and practice your royal wave

In her final days, after color photography was created and women’s fashions became less restrictive, Her Majesty was found wearing brightly colored monochrome skirts.

An infamous example of her eye-catching outfit color scheme is when she wore an all-neon green jacket, skirt and hat combination for her 90th birthday celebration. His Majesty must have ignored the fact that his outfit was the exact color of a green screen, causing the internet to photograph various designs and images on her outfit. Regardless, the outfit was still iconic and hopefully just a marketing scheme carried out by the Queen.

She also wore brightly colored dresses and skirts to several equestrian events, as Elizabeth was passionate about horses.

The queen rarely spoke, so her outfits spoke for her. Therefore, anyone who is a bit shy should take the brightly colored outfits out of their closet and become a silent statement in honor of the fashionable queen.

Sewing is a necessity

The queen not only wore daring outfits, but she also dressed practically. She had her costumes made so that she could raise her arms to greet the masses without tightening the shoulder pads. She also wore weights in her skirts so the wind wouldn’t cause accidental unsightly scenes.

All of her outfits always fit her perfectly and the skirts never exceed her knees. There was never a misplaced crease or accidental stain on anything she wore.

This amount of care is something we can all take note of. Although we don’t attend royal weddings on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to iron your clothes before an important school project or an accidental coffee encounter.

Know your fashion brands

The Queen regularly wore British brands such as Burberry and Barbour to outdoor engagements. So it was no surprise when she was invited to attend front row at Richard Quinn’s fashion show during London Fashion Week. The queen looked cute and modest in a powder blue dress and jacket by Angela Kelly. She sat next to Anna Wintour – the editor and figurative queen of Vogue – and politely applauded the designer’s collection.

The Queen attended the show to present Quinn with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. The idea because the award was created by Kelly, who helped orchestrate the Queen’s wardrobe for more than 26 years. The prize is awarded to emerging British fashion designers on behalf of the Queen and her passion for fashion.

Following Elizabeth’s death, the British fashion scene mourned the royal loss as many designers postponed their shows. However, Erdem Moralıoğlu and his fellow designers proclaimed that the show must go on and created a track To display in honor of the queen. The color scheme was dark and the dresses were tasteful and paid homage to the Queen’s royal outfits. The models also wore beautiful jewelry which I’m sure the queen would have loved.

All in all, Queen Elizabeth II will be sorely missed by the fashion world and no brightly colored skirt suit will ever be the same. However, life must go on and King Charles III has big fashionable shoes to step into.

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