New cruise ship offers apartments that float around the world

A rendering of Storylines’ Narrative MV. (Scenarios)

They put the “ship” in home ownership.

Storylines Cruises offers Earthlings the chance to own a piece of a luxury liner that they can cruise around the world once every three and a half years.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the company is building a “residential cruise ship” offering 547 furnished apartments of varying sizes and prices, ranging from tiny 237-square-foot studios, $ 297,000, to a massive two-story, 1970-square-foot penthouse. and $ 8 million.

The 741 foot, 55,000 tons MV story is under construction at Croatia’s largest shipyard and is expected to be ready to take passengers – or, in this case, owners – on their first voyage in 2024.

Storylines CEO Alister Punton told the post that apartment owners don’t buy timeshares, but will either have full ownership of their residences or can opt for 12- or 24-year leases. Unlike a timeshare, there is no time limit that a person can stay in their home, and he said some will live there 365 days a year. Owners who buy directly will benefit from a perpetuity clause that allows them to move into a new residence on a future vessel without making an additional purchase.

On board, they can enjoy all the amenities of a modern cruise ship, including 20 restaurants and bars, a spa, three swimming pools, a garden and a 10,000-book library dotted across its 18 decks. There are also services geared towards long-term stays, including a marina, hydroponic garden, food markets, school and education programs for youth, a post office, a bank and other daily necessities, depending on the location. newspaper.

Cruises will also be a little different from your average line, stopping at ports of call for longer periods and staying in geographic regions for three months at a time. Destinations will be determined with the participation of residents.

Of course, amenities come at a price. An additional $ 2,365 per person per month covers all meals, wine and beer, some spirits, gratuities, Wi-Fi, laundry service, and onboard activities and entertainment.

This is not the first time that residences have been offered for purchase on a cruise ship. The cruise ship The world has been offering offshore ownership since its launch in 2002. In 2007, Four Season Hotel and Resorts planned to sell upscale oceanfront residences aboard the Magellan, a 13-deck, 719-foot vessel, with prices ranging from $ 3.8 million for a one-bedroom to $ 40 million for a penthouse triplex.

[Sacramento Bee] – Vince DiMiceli

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