Over 27,000 Amazon Reviewers Obsessed With These Inexpensive Leggings



If you’ve ever carried your phone and cash on the run or dragged an entire gym bag just to keep your keys and wallet handy, you know the difficulty of pocketless training pants. Fortunately, there is a solution to this inconvenience: leggings with pockets!

It might seem silly to have storage in such tight stockings, but once you feel the convenience of it, you won’t want to go back to your old tights. In fact, we would even qualify them as a wardrobe essential! Gone are the days of wandering the gym after leaving your phone at the last machine. And you can say goodbye to looking for your ID at the bottom of your bag. Leggings with pockets fit exactly what you need and only that, making your life easier and keeping you active.

Some styles have discreet storage compartments built into the waistband to avoid bulk, while others have roomy thigh pockets. Some have only one pocket, others several. But don’t worry, these leggings look nothing like cargo pants. We share options with compressions, high waist belts, fun patterns and sweat-wicking fabric that wicks away moisture that will keep your legs dry and free from irritation during the most intense workouts. So whether you need them for yoga, jogging, or running, there is a pair for you. And we have no doubt that the ones you choose will become your new must-haves.

Here, personal trainers and active buyers across the country are sharing their top picks.


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