Passion, motivation turns into business


By Natasha Watah
DWU journalism student

A single mom proudly turned her passion into a hobby of playing with leftovers to make artifacts for decoration.

Vivian Yawing, a mother of 3 who resides in Salamander in Lae, found her motivation by making decorations with scraps of fabric when she lost her nephew in August 2003.

She started making casket decorations when her nephew passed away and continues to this day.

“I did the casket decoration for my nephew and I felt great about the result of what I did because it put a smile on my family’s face,” Vivian said.

As she is now advanced with her designs and styles of casket decorations, she now makes decorations for birthdays, Christmas, scenes and floral vases for offices.

“I was inspired by my own coffin decorating work using scrap fabrics and am now doing bigger things from where I started. “

“I started to make decorations on my own and over time; my children have become my helping hands through observation.

“I make different types of decorations using not only fabrics and flowers, but also tires to make backdrops for the decorations,” Vivian said.

Vivian said she pays for the materials she uses for the decorations she uses and it all comes from her heart.

“I only do this because it’s my passion.

“And I like to make people smile,” she added.

Vivian uses Facebook as a platform to showcase her talents and she plans to go big with her passion.

“As I made a lot of friends thanks to my passion for decoration, everything is free, because I want to make people smile.

“I can’t wait to start my decorating business with the help of my kids and plan to help other moms like me teach them skills so they can earn money as well. for their own life, ”said Vivian.


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