Penryn College art students win fashion competition


An initiative to make fashion illustration resources readily available to young people resulted in four students from the school being recognized for their fantastic efforts in an illustration competition.

Thirty students took part in the seven-week competition / course run by Lorraine Aonso, professor of textiles at Penryn College, and funded by The Arts Society Falmouth – who were tasked with submitting their designs using a different art medium each week.

Mediums included watercolor pencils, skin tone markers, pantone markers, tone-on-tone pencils, and computer-aided design – and all participants were commended for the skills demonstrated in using these resources, the students Lilly, Lucy, Ella and Katie winning awards.

After presenting the awards to students during a recent visit to Penryn College, Young Arts Representative Maggie Letch said: “The Arts Society Falmouth was delighted to support this initiative. It was a pleasure working with the dedicated and supportive staff at Penryn College, and I was incredibly impressed with the creative talent and artistic illustrations of the nominations; all students should be very proud of their accomplishments. They are our fashion designers and illustrators of the future.

The winning students were Lilly, Lucy, Ella and Katie

And the course leader, Miss Aonso, also congratulated the participants for their efforts. She said, “All of the students showed immense determination to enter the competition while pursuing other assignments and exams. They are an inspiration to others – a big thumbs up to all of them.

In addition, Miss Aonso expressed her gratitude to The Arts Society Falmouth: “A huge thank you to all the members of The Arts Society Falmouth for all their hard work. Funding for Student Resource Kits and Glass Etched Trophies was greatly appreciated. We are very grateful for everything they have done.

The following students have received awards from The Art Society Falmouth:

Emerging Fashion Illustrator: Lilly (earned in 7th grade) – A wide range of unique ideas produced using a range of artistic mediums.

Emerging Fashion Illustrator: Lucy (earned in 8) – A wide range of ideas produced with skill and ability.

Emerging Illustration Illustrator: Ella (earned in ninth grade) – A stunning range of ideas produced with exquisite drape, sheer detail and realism.

Most Inspirational Designer: Katie (earned ninth grade) – For showcasing emerging looks from designers like Valentino.

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