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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – When the Arizona sun shines on Katy Pacheco’s house in Phoenix, she says it really warms the interior.

“The sun is beating down on us,” she told 3 On Your Side. “We can barely use our table because it is so hot and unusable.”

Katy and her husband decided to order wooden shutters for her kitchen windows and a few more, including one near the front door. So in April, the Pachecos went online and founded a company called Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery.

“I looked at their website and they looked legitimate with quality products,” Pacheco said.

Arizona Blinds, also known as Modern Home Expressions, came out, took a few steps, and then asked Pacheco for a deposit of $ 1,744 to start the job.

“After taking our debit card, she said, ‘Okay, just so you know, it’s probably going to be 6-8 weeks before we can do that. Maybe in July, “” she recalls, the rep told her.

“And were you okay with that?” 3 Gary Harper from On Your Side asked.

“Yeah, we were like, okay,” Pacheco said.

What Pacheco didn’t know at the time was that Arizona Blinds have a habit of taking money from consumers and not delivering shutters. In fact, 3 On Your Side has aired two previous reports where viewers complained about the same issue.

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“We saw your 3 On Your Side report that you did with another Arizona, and my husband and I were like, ‘My God, I hope this doesn’t happen to us,'” said Pacheco.

But it happened. A full eight months after paying $ 1,744, Katy says Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Draperies has failed to offer these shutters. And it’s getting worse and worse. The state suspended the company’s contractor’s license two weeks before Pacheco even handed over his money.

“Have you called a lot to find out what’s going on?” Harper asked.

“Definitely,” she said. “My husband calls five times a day and he leaves messages every time.”

Pacheco says the only way she got the company to call back was by emailing them and posing as a new customer interested in shutters.

“And within five minutes, I got a callback, and I totally caught the girl off guard when I told her I was an existing customer,” Pacheco explained.

Katy Pacheco showing where she ordered blinds for

Katy Pacheco showing where she ordered blinds.

Pacheco says that phone call went nowhere. So 3 On Your Side got involved, and Gary Harper asked Arizona Blinds about Katy’s shutters. After all, it’s been eight months. The company responded, saying it “prioritizes ordering to help speed up installation time.” Oh good? It’s been eight months, and they are prioritizing?

3 On Your Side visited the company as we did before. However, this time 3 On Your Side found a notice from the landlord indicating that Arizona Blinds had been evicted for non-payment of rent. This is not encouraging news for Pacheco, who says she would really like her $ 1,744 to be refunded.

“Obviously, it’s not ethical. It’s not fair. It’s morally wrong to trick people into taking their money because you feel like you’ve been robbed,” said Pacheco.

If there is an update, Harper will let you know in a follow-up report. In the meantime, always make sure that a company is licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors if you plan to do any type of work inside or outside your home. That way, if something goes wrong, you have a good chance of getting your money back from the agency’s recovery fund.

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