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Value Engineered Products (VEP) is a leading designer and manufacturer of aerospace-class pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches for air and compatible fluids. Part of the US-based World Magnetics family – represented exclusively in UK and Europe by Variohm EuroSensor – VEP products are characterized by exceptional precision, durability, reliability and long life. With five product series designs covering low, medium and high pressure switching from 0.01 to 3000 PSI, VEP’s long list of proven application areas includes air velocity and flow sensing air, landing gear and brake safety systems, rudder control assistance and others requiring precision pressure switching tasks where accuracy, stability and repeatability are primary requirements .

Developed for harsh aerospace environments, each of VEP’s five product series covers pressure, vacuum or differential switching with great flexibility in mechanical and electrical options. For example, VEP’s 490 series has field adjustable pressure ranges of 3.0 to 3000 PSI in a lightweight gold-plated aluminum housing with a dual spring and stainless steel piston design that maximizes precision and stability while allowing a high test pressure of up to 4,500 PSI. Designed to meet FAA 15 minute flame test requirements, the 490 has an altitude range of -1,000 to 50,000 feet and like all other product series available, offers SPDT switching at 5 amps resistive from a 30 V DC power supply.

Other VEP models cover low and medium pressure switching – the 654 series covers a set point range of 0.1 to 6 PSI while the 648 series range is 40 to 500 PSI. High temperature versions, shock and vibration resistant models, optional aluminum and stainless steel housings and a selection of sealing materials meet durability requirements across the range. In addition to the field adjustable set points, factory set and tamper proof models are available. SPDT and DPDT switching and full pressure port and electrical interfacing options ensure applications are fully satisfied without compromise, although a custom design service is also offered.

From its sales offices in UK and Germany, Variohm EuroSensor provides full technical support on the entire VEP product line. The product sheets are available for download from the Variohm website. As a designer and manufacturer of its own range of sensors as well as a distribution partner for several other major suppliers of sensor components. Variohm EuroSensor provides full sales and application support in its full range of sensor technologies for position, force, pressure, load and temperature measurement in industry, construction, agriculture, sports mechanics, research and more.

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