Designs by Janie Buy directly from the designer. Items made in my one woman studio in Las Vegas, NV
  • Costuming on a Budget


    Need a Belly Dance costume, but do not have the hundreds of dollars to buy one -- make it! Learn the tricks of using odd items to make great costumes, like earrings from a cigarette case. Learn to take Thrift Store, Flea Market, and Yard Sale items and turn them into fabulous costume pieces. The joy of making your own costume is it fits you and fits your style too.

    Janie comes from the time in Belly Dance, before venders brought a cornicopia of choices to Belly Dance events. 35 years ago you made your own costumes or you had them made. Learn some of her tricks.

    Every item in this book was made by Janie Midgley to the point of completion. Photos of the step by step process as well as the finished product. Full color pictures too!!!