Pulmodyne and fluidIQ sign joint licensing and R&D agreement

World leader in EMS and MedTech start-ups to co-develop revolutionary respiratory technology

INDIANAPOLIS, October 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality respiratory and airway products, Pulmodyne, Inc., and fluidics-based MedTech company, fluidIQ, Inc., today announced a global licensing agreement and joint research and development. Pulmodyne, an Intersurgical company, will license the fluidIQ technology.

“Pulmodyne is thrilled to partner with such a talented group of engineers and designers. We believe that our existing expertise, combined with fluidIQ technology, will allow us to bring a host of new patient-centric products to market. ” said Andrew ShurigPresident of Pulmodyne.

“This agreement will allow fluidIQ to license our innovative technology to one of the world’s largest and most respected respiratory and EMS distributors,” said Matt Vogelhuber, RPh., CEO of fluidIQ. “By working closely with Pulmodyne, our team of world-class physicians and engineers can respond faster and more effectively to unmet medical needs across United States and internationally.”

The companies will co-develop innovative technology for respiratory and emergency medicine spaces based on fluidIQ’s proprietary fluidics platform that enables miniaturization and automation of technology without the need for sensors, electricity or to batteries. Fluidics is a science that uses the flow rates and pressures of fluids or air to control operations normally performed by battery-powered or electronic devices.

The global reach of Pulmodyne and its parent company, Intersurgical, will provide broad access to innovative fluidIQ technologies. fluidIQ is seeking FDA clearance for its initial product which is not currently available for sale in United Statesor internationally.

About Pulmodyne™

Pulmodyne, an Intersurgical company, specializes in manufacturing high quality disposable respiratory products. With strong innovation in mind, the company has been able to supply a number of market leading products for the acute and pre-hospital markets in over 70 countries. Pulmodyne was created in 2007 by Brad and Jeff Quinn and was recently acquired by Intersurgical Group in early 2022. Please visit www.pulmodyne.com to learn more.

About fluidIQ™

fluidIQ, a public good and Delaware corporation, provides simple yet elegant solutions based on proprietary fluidics technology. The company was founded by a group of doctors, engineers and patient advocates who came together to find solutions to gaps in medical needs, including ventilators, amid the global crisis caused by the coronavirus. fluidIQ aims to bring hope to a world in need with simple, easy-to-deploy technology solutions that solve the most pressing medical challenges of our time. fluidIQ’s roadmap for an entire family of products is based on its proprietary platform of fluidic devices dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective. Please visit www.fluidIQ.org to learn more.


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