Raffaello Rossi Spring / Summer 2022


The lightness of summer
It’s like taking a deep breath and embarking on a new chapter – with optimism and zest for life. The coming months will be shaped by a combination of past experiences, lessons learned, and anticipation of what is yet to come. In the foreground, creativity and individual style ideas which have only one idea in mind: a feeling of well-being. And Raffaello Rossi’s new spring / summer collection shows that it is very fashionable with its high quality and the longevity of its styles.

Between pink tones, lilac tones, melba sorbet and coral red, the color palette exudes joy. The vibrant blue summer sky is reflected in the various shades of blue, while the natural tones and gorgeous greens convey a sense of freedom and affinity with nature. White and new off-white tones complete the color scheme and have a calming effect.

Flowers will make a big comeback on our clothes next summer, in the form of opulent and soft floral prints that look like watercolor or tapestry, as well as oversized plant prints reminiscent of paintings on silk.

The silhouettes offer a variety of creative ideas, with wide pants here to stay, as do the mid to high rise styles. And the legs will once again be in the spotlight with plenty of new short models.

Stylish jogging pants are the basis for sporty and luxurious looks. And the comfortable pull-on pants with a wide leg (whether culotte or long) in jersey and knit-look fabrics are the perfect staple for a wardrobe. relaxed. The collection is completed with vegan leather in summery materials and colors, as well as long and wide linen pants.

And the ever-popular jeans are a staple this summer, too. We have put together a collection of denim full of ideas, daring, authentic and unique. Not only do all of our styles of jeans look cool and have authentic washes, they’re green at heart too. This year again, most of the cotton used in our jeans has been grown in a sustainable manner. Their lightness and elasticity surprise with silhouettes ranging from “O” shapes to wide and long shapes, cropped and relaxed to slim and short.

Whether embellished with elaborate hand-sewn details, imaginative batik looks, new dip-dye effects or laser-floral prints, each pair of jeans has its own unique personality. Our collection is synonymous with creativity, individuality and our guaranteed well-being factor. Made in Europe.

Read more about Raffaello Rossi on the brand page: fashionunited.com/compagnies/raffaello-rossi

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