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SAVE $100: Best Buy has the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 Purifier Heater and Fan on sale for $449.99 as its Deal of the Day from March 28. It usually sells for $549.99, saving you 18%.

If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against your local grasses, weeds and trees every pollen season, it’s time to bring the big guns: Best Buy’s Deal of the Day for March 28 is offering $100 off the Dyson Pure Hot+ Cool HP04, a premium air purifier and fan that automatically captures and reports ultrafine particles.

It normally retails for $549.99, but you’ll only pay $449.99 – that’s an 18% saving, which is pretty rare for a brand new device. (We usually only see deals on refurbished Dyson Pure Hot+Cools.) It’s also eons better than any HP04 deal from other retailers: Amazon and Walmart both had it listed. . above retail price at time of writing.


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Available exclusively in a white/silver finish, the HP04 is a premium choice from the Dyson air purifier range. It’s not fair clean air, although that’s certainly the main attraction: it will detect and diagnose airborne particles and gases on its own, offering real-time reports on its LCD screen and in the app Dyson will then send them through its activated carbon filters and sealed HEPA filters. After eradicating all pollutants and allergens, the resulting clean air is then blown outwards using the unit’s bladeless fan (sorry, Air multiplier technology), which can oscillate 350 degrees.

It is also worth noting that the HP04 can both heat and fresh air while purifying it to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round. That certainly helps justify its price – it’s essentially three devices in one.

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