School gets new sets of uniforms


The AMBA Demonstration Primary School in Lae and its 1,400 pupils were all smiles last Friday as the school launched its new uniforms.

“With the theme ‘together we can do more,’ the new uniforms are your pride, your identity and your morale as a student at this school,” outgoing principal Mathew Humango told the students.

Mr. Humango, who initiated the idea with the school board, urged students to take care of the uniforms as it was not easy to get them.

He said that in December last year, Balmdoy Tailoring Company received K30,000 to produce new school uniforms with new materials, improved designs and patterns. After checking and reviewing several designs and models, the uniforms were ready.

The uniforms were made according to the preferred manner and style of the teachers, board and administration.

Uniform shirts have the church logo (ELC-PNG) on the right and the school logo on the left.

Mr. Humango urged students to respect the uniform and not abuse it by taking it off and tying it over their heads on their way home.

“As far as your learning at school is concerned, you should respect your new uniform because it identifies you as a student of a religious agency school,” he said.

While signing the new uniforms, Pastor Gideon Joshua told students that when they are in school, they are in the garden of faith in God.

“And with faith, F-food, A-always, I-in, T-the and H-house, that will guide you to reap the good harvest and faith will guide you,” Mr Joshua said.

ELC-PNG Christian Education Assistant Secretary Elisha Wagga told the students that their hearts reflect the kind of attitude they have for this institution.

“Your identity will reflect how you take care of the uniform.

Take care of the uniforms and it will reflect the kind of student in you,” he said.

Balmdoy Tailoring Company general manager Moses Bal said it took them three months to produce the uniforms.

He said the company is a new company started in 2021 and it was their first time working on uniforms for a school and he was very happy to see the students, teachers and parents very happy with the new styles and models of clothing.

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