Shah says Modi is “the most democratic leader”, to “change the country”. The question is, change the country into what?


It took seven years for Home Secretary Amit Shah to tell his compatriots that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the “most democratic leader” he has known for 20 years. But why believe Shah? After all, Shah and Modi are not much different. If Modi is “democratic”, then Amit Shah must also be “democratic”. In fact, Modi has a style of operation and decision-making that insists against any opposition that only “Modi Hai Toh Mumkin Hai! “

Having said that, it doesn’t matter what Amit Shah says. Shah has a conflict of interest. If Amit Shah does not say that Narendra Modi is “democrat”, he risks losing his job. He could be sent to pack his bags in Gandhinagar or wherever he hangs out while in Gujarat. Could it be that, heart-to-heartedly, Shah knew that Modi would take him in a very autocratic way if he was labeled as undemocratic?

Moreover, the Sansad TV interviewer must not have asked the blatant question at all. Even the choice of Sansad TV smacks of an attempt to paint Modi Democrat. Why, what was wrong with Doordarshan? Is it because “Sansad” translates to “Parliament” and that “Parliament” is by definition “democratic”. A “palace” conveys the monarchy and everyone knows what the “Kremlin” means?

Moreover, anyone who builds a “New Parliament”, determined to change our collective vision against all opposition, must not be an autocrat! The point is, the only democratic thing about Narendra Modi is that he got elected. Otherwise, his way of working is like that of the Lion King! There are photos of Narendra Modi with BJP MPs and BJP ministers in conference. In them, Modi is always at the top of the “class”. Deputies and ministers are summoned and questioned.

Shah, perhaps, is not called often enough to “get up.” This could be because Shah has known Narendra Modi for a long time, even before Modi’s 20 years of “public service”. It is only natural that Shah should reject the claims that Modi is a “dictator”.

The Home Secretary, in fact, explained why Modi is a “democratic leader” and what “democratic” qualities Modi possesses. One, Shah has “never met a listener like him (Modi)”. Two, Modi doesn’t talk much. “Whatever the topic of a meeting, Modiji speaks as little as necessary,” he said. Third, “Modiji listens to everyone patiently,” Shah added. Fourth, Modi understands the value of everyone’s opinion. “Not the importance or the insignificance of the person. Only then does he make a decision. There is therefore no truth in the accusations that he is dictatorial, ”he insisted.

But then, no one should be surprised by Shah’s strong defense against Modi. Shah has been a staple of Modi’s governance style for decades.

Amit Shah said that Modi was running the cabinet in the “most democratic way”; that Cabinet decisions cannot be discussed or disclosed in the public domain and that is why there is this “false perception” that Modi makes all decisions. “He discusses the issue, listens to everyone and assesses the pros and cons. The final decision is up to him, of course, because he is the Prime Minister, ”he said.

Yes, the “final decision!” It’s always with Modi, the last one to agree. No exceptions, no one-off. Cabinet meetings and collective decisions are part of the perception. Reality is the final decision! Of course, there are experts like Ajit Doval, but haven’t there been reports that Modi has refused to heed an objection by the Chief of the Air Staff to the Balakote airstrikes?

Then again, we can all be wrong, that is to say all his detractors. Perhaps, as Shah said, people are “trying to distort the truth to tarnish the image of the prime minister.” This could be due to the demonetization and repeal of Section 370. Shah says Modi is taking “risks” and the BJP came to power to “change the country”. The question is “Change the country into what?” “

Amit Shah says that for Modi it is always “India First”. “He has said many times that we came to power to change the country, not just to run a government. Sabka sat, sabka vikas, sabka vishvas is our goal, he said. The question is, why isn’t Modi answering questions, face to face with a slew of brash hacks? Perhaps we could then ask him if he is, in fact, a “democrat”.

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