The five-day fashion week featured 23 fashion shows, 4 cloud fashion live broadcasts, 2 fashion design contests, 4 industry conferences and forums, and a textile cloud exhibition. Almost 300 high-quality merchants and thousands of stylish fabrics were showcased online, fully showcasing the industrial strength, market vitality and urban charm of Shengze, the beautiful city of fashion. It has also demonstrated its fashion characteristics of being “native, original and popular” around the world.

Sun Ruizhe, chairman of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation and chairman of the Chinese National Textile and Clothing Council, said in his opening speech that Shengze, as a major textile city, is crucial for the development of high quality industry by leveraging its capacity for industrial synergy. clusters of enterprises valued at one hundred billion yuan, its capacity for interregional enterprise development valued at one hundred billion yuan and its ability to integrate resources into the market at one hundred billion yuan.

Li Ming, Party Secretary of Wujiang District, said in his speech that Wujiang has been known as “the land of fish and rice” and “the homeland of silk” since ancient times, while Shengze is known as the capital of silk for thousands of years. Silk textile is Wujiang’s top 100 billion yuan valued industry, with a man-made fiber production capacity of one-tenth nationwide and home to the Hengli and Shenghong groups, both global Fortune 500 companies. silk market business in China reached one hundred billion yuan for eight consecutive years, forming an industry, market, enterprises valued at one hundred billion yuan and growing together. It’s unique across the province and even across the country.

Fashion week attracted fashion brand countries including Italy, France, Spain and United States. It brought different fashion styles and cultural charm, and further enhanced the complementary eastern aesthetic and western classic style. It deeply incorporated the best fashion design of three Chinese Golden Award winners – Zhang Zhaoda, Wu Xuekai and Zhang Yichao, as well as local brands such as SAINT JOY, SANGLUO, CHIAYI, ROMROL and ZI JINGHUA, making continuous efforts to integrate the original high-quality fabrics of Shengze with the creative design of “Big Power”, leading the development of the industry.

Second, the finals of two design competitions were held during fashion week. One was the 2021 China Women’s Clothing Design Competition ‘DONGFANG CUP’ jointly organized by the China Fashion Designers Association and Shengze, the other was the ‘SHENGZE CUP’ 2021 Jiangsu Top 10 Designers Award jointly organized. by the Jiangsu and Shengze Fashion Designers Association. Both events attracted many outstanding new domestic designers to visit Shengze, allowing designers and fabric companies to come into close contact and achieve industry transformation in Shengze. At the same time, industry forums and fashion summits have been held successively in Shengze, including the China Design Summit, the International Sustainability Forum On Advanced Functional Fibers, the Yangtze River Delta Fashion Industry Alliance Silk Fashion Development Summit, and the 4th China Haute Couture Summit & 2021 China Fashion Association Annual meeting of the professional customization committee. It will continue to improve the intellectual property of “SHENGZE FASHION WEEK” and further expand the international and domestic influence of the textile industry in Shengze. The opening ceremony also included the launching ceremony of the Yangtze River Delta (Shengze) division of the 2021 Rayli affordable luxury brand competition, the launching ceremony of the “China Cup” digital art application design competition , Fashion Shengze ”2021 and the launching ceremony for the construction of a World-Class Textile Industry Cluster Climate Action Demonstration Zone on the theme“ Engaging in Sustainability and Achieving the Carbon Goal first “, the launching ceremony of the 9e Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition and the May 5e Shopping party, etc.

Third, the “cloud exposure” with offline connection has made it possible to realize new opportunities for transformation and development. As one of the ‘highlights’ of fashion week, the 9e Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition was held as planned. He continued to use “cloud” mode to connect “mode” elements. The five large exhibition halls exhibited tens of thousands of high-quality and popular fabrics from home and abroad, where buyers could communicate with exhibitors “online” without any distance.

While fully demonstrating the vitality of Shengze fashion under the condition of “integration of industry and city”, SHENGZE FASHION WEEK has continued to promote the modernization of local industries and the construction of culture and brands of Jiangnan, has strived to build the “most beautiful window” for a thriving textile industry and local brands in Shengze, in areas of trend, technological innovation, industrial connection and international trade.


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