Should you build a gaming PC or buy a gaming laptop?



Melbourne, Australia, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – While a Gaming pc is generally cheaper and upgradeable, the assumption that building a gaming PC is better than buying a gaming laptop does not ring true for every user. Australia’s leading gaming PC retailer PCByte says there are many key differences between the two, so gamers should carefully weigh their options.

From a price to performance perspective, if a user wants the best gaming laptop on the market, PCByte says users can expect to pay a higher premium for a laptop than for the. best gaming pc. However, with the hefty price tag, there are some serious advantages when it comes to a gaming laptop.

According to PCByte, most gaming laptops have a well-balanced processor and GPU, and motherboards specifically designed to work with other hardware in the system. On the flip side, many handcrafted gaming PC systems tend to have performance bottlenecks, which can affect the user experience.

However, as PCByte points out, building a gaming PC may be a better choice, given the ease of upgrading components at a later date. This allows for more flexible budgeting and is also potentially a better “future-proof” option. It is very difficult to upgrade a gaming laptop, and because every component is integrated, the initial cost is higher.

Many argue that a gaming laptop isn’t as powerful as a gaming PC, but as PCByte points out, for casual gamers and those who play primarily online, the difference isn’t that big. Many high-end gaming laptops can handle AAA titles with satisfactory frame rates and excellent performance. While expensive, the more budget versions still come with features like ray tracing, premium displays, and next-gen hardware.

For serious gamers, PCByte explains that a desktop gaming PC will always have its place at the top of the food chain. Many gaming enthusiasts take pride in choosing every component that goes into their system and how it looks, while also customizing their system to work just the way they want it to.

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