Snapdeal’s “Brand Waali Quality Bazaar Waali Deal” campaign is ideal for Gen Z



Divya Bhasin (22) is a Mumbai-based college student who shops online almost every two weeks. Its loyalties are not based on any brand or store; instead, affordability is the deciding factor. Divya is a typical Gen Z consumer who doesn’t believe in walking into a physical store. For her, it’s about finding what she wants at the right price at her fingertips.

There are many like her, part of the first digital generation who ignore a life that existed before social media and the internet. Although retail and e-commerce established their footprint a decade ago, their goal has been to provide millennials with premium brands at great value prices.

But Gen Z thinks, feels and shops differently – and it heralds a new era in the fashion industry.

This generation is practical when it comes to money and has a value-driven approach. They wouldn’t want to spend their hard earned money on flashy brands; instead, they are inclined to save money for experiences like travel etc. and increase their wealth. Being in the spotlight and keeping up with the latest trends comes naturally to them, which can be seen from their very aesthetic social media feeds. They talk about their style through their varied clothing choices and to keep up with trends, they buy often. Quality is an important consideration, but it must be paired with affordable prices.

And while online shopping has always been their preferred medium, addiction to it has only been accelerated by COVID-19.

Where does Indian Generation Z come from?

Although there are many platforms online, Snapdeal sets itself apart by meeting the fashion needs of the young generation of India. It is India’s most profitable e-commerce platform and as the name suggests it offers good quality and reliable fashion products at affordable rates. This hits the right note with digital natives, who are looking for options that seamlessly combine quality and affordability.

The large assortment on Snapdeal is in tune with their sensibilities. Chasing Western trends is no longer a priority for Generation Z; they choose to buy a product based on the needs it meets. And that’s probably why palazzos are more popular among young Indian women than skinny jeans.

India is a country heavily influenced by popular culture – be it art, movies or music. Bollywood continues to be at the forefront of inspiring fashion trends among Generation Z. They love to look like their favorite celebrities, even more, with their endless number of images on social media – in their sportswear or dressed rather simple during their races. It can in fact be said that Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan are the reason why kurtis sell like hot cakes, even in trendy western places like Mumbai! With Snapdeal working with several local manufacturers who are the first to capture Bollywood trends, more fashionable designs and styles are quickly accessible to Gen Z on its platform.

A fluid technological experience

Gen Z consumers want direct value that meets their needs. They don’t appreciate a one-size-fits-all approach and look for experiences they can call their own.

Snapdeal offers a personalized online shopping experience, similar to browsing a bazaar or mega retail store. The experience is all about browsing to find what you like, not finding a predetermined product. Instead of giving up due to a lack of options, Snapdeal users can see a wide variety of options depending on what they have been browsing. To make their experience even more authentic, Snapdeal offers a localized shopping experience in eight popular Indian languages.

Snapdeal’s brand promise of “Waali Brand Quality, Bazar Waali DealTicks all the boxes with the cautious value-conscious Indian buyer. Plus, unlike many ecommerce platforms, Snapdeal offers free shipping with no minimum order requirements.

The last word

These factors together have helped Snapdeal strike a chord with Gen Z consumers.

Generation Z values ​​personal style and comfort over brands. Instead of expensive and occasional purchases, they like to shop often to stay on top of the latest trends. While they can’t match the purchasing power of millennials, they love their financial independence. They can look like a million bucks without splurging on brands. For them, “cool” is no longer about wearing brands, but about loving and being comfortable with what you wear.

For Generation Z, the world revolves around them. They are at the heart of their journey and no one else. That’s why Snapdeal’s positioning of “Brand Waali Quality Bazaar Waali Deal” struck a chord with Generation Z. It helps them discover fashion the way they want, not the way brands define it. They can look like a million dollars. And on a low budget!

Perhaps that is why Gen Z consumers on Snapdeal enjoy immense choice beyond big brands and lucrative deals that offer great value for their money. It gives them the power to not only discover more, but also to feel empowered by breaking away from the hustle and bustle and unnecessary frills and the artificial sense of superiority that the culture of big brands has built.


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