Sunil Sethi’s point of view on fashion in 2022

By Tanya Banon

New Delhi, January 1 (IANSlife): 2021 has been a busy year for the fashion industry, from Fashion Week collaborations to a focus on sustainability to corporate investments in designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and Anamika Khanna. What does this year have in store for the fabulous world of fashion? IANSlife speaks with Sunil Sethi, President of the FDCI, to learn about his outlook for 2022:

Read excerpts:

Q: From literature festivals to art fairs, events have returned to the physical format in all industries, can we expect that in fashion too?

Sethi: As things got better and started to get back to normal, everything that we had planned from January 1, 2022 was planned in the physical format. We have a handmade fashion show taking place in Dubai this month as part of the Dubai Expo, all arrangements have been made for that already. In February, we are planning a four city fashion tour with shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata with a longtime supporter of Indian fashion. In March, the FDCI X LFW collaboration continues, this time with a Fashion Week in Delhi. We will also be holding a nationwide mela handmade fashion show, which takes place every year. We are really looking forward to these shows.

So the first three months is the busiest time of the year for fashion, the arrangements are so intensive and at the final stage, that we can’t afford to do it virtual. Of course depending on the reality on the ground and respecting the country’s law regarding Omicron government protocols, if necessary, we can juggle the dates.

Q: You mentioned that the FDCI X LFW collaboration continues with a fashion week, this time in Delhi, can we finally see a unified fashion front?

Sethi: The beginnings have already been made, during the pandemic we have already successfully wrapped up two joint fashion weeks, and by moving this effort and collaboration forward, we are coming back to the physical format together.

Q: 2021 has seen many companies invest in designers for large stakes in the business, what does the fashion body think about it and what does that mean?

Sethi: FDCI has always been created with the aim of focusing on the fashion industry, and that has been our focus for over two decades. With this development we have been vindicated and we can see our hard work paying off. Everything is going, and hats off to the companies that believe in and support Indian fashion designers to the hilt. We are reaping the rewards of the hard work of FDCI and the designers. Although the spotlight is on Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar and Anamika Khanna, over the years companies have invested in brands like Anita Dongre or Raghavendra Rathore. So we are very happy that many companies have invested in many creators and young labels in 2021, these are all new relationships and it will take time to develop. I hope that in 2022, such investments will multiply.

Q: Does this also herald new FDCI news and new leadership?

Sethi: Drawing on my experience over the years, whether it’s fashion weeks, handweaving and government collaborations, or even joint fashion events and fashion tours from company, my conclusion tells us that it is a combined and collective effort; and FDCI has the continued responsibility to focus on creating and propelling such efforts, and combining the strengths of various sectors and players to continue to strengthen the industry and give it the direction and stimulation it needs. So for lack of a better word, the FDCI as the top fashion ‘body’ will also play the role of an industry body, say like a FICCI or ASSOCHAM, to take care of a lot. more things and deepen the need of the moment. . The Board of Directors and FDCI remain loyal to the business of fashion with the objective of sustainability and longevity of the industry.

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