The best vinyl tile designs for your kitchen



Vinyl tiles are synthetic laminate materials that are pressed together to create a durable flooring. Many people prefer vinyl tiles because they are economical, which makes them more affordable than other types of flooring. They are also available in a variety of patterns, which makes it possible to customize the floor to suit the individual tastes of people.

Here’s what you need to know about vinyl tile patterns:

Type of vinyl flooring

There are 2 main types of vinyl flooring namely vinyl rolls and luxury vinyl tiles. They are both created from the same materials with the only difference between them being the way they are constructed.

Vinyl roll

This type of vinyl flooring comes in the form of flexible sheets with a fiberglass backing and cushion. They come in a range of colors, styles and patterns. They are also phthalate free and generally have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both of which are known to cause health problems with prolonged exposure.

Luxury vinyl tile

This type of vinyl flooring is created to mimic other types of flooring that are generally more expensive, such as ceramic tile and hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles can be flexible or sturdy and they are easy to install due to their modular design, with some people even installing them without moving the furniture out of the room.

1. The famous vinyl tiles tiles Plaid vinyl tiles are a timeless pattern to have in your home. They are great for kitchens and can coordinate with a variety of decorating styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Boho-chic, Minimalism and more.

2. Faux wood vinyl tiles These types of vinyl tiles mimic real wood. You can also buy vinyl tiles that are similar in texture to wood to make the tiles more realistic. Faux wood vinyl tiles will add a layer of chic sophistication to your kitchen design.

3. Faux ceramic tiles Add faux ceramic tiles to your kitchen or bathroom and experiment with different types of patterns, such as this vintage layout that screams ‘retro’.

4. Geometric patterns Geometric tile patterns can help you add dimension to your kitchen floor. They will also give your kitchen a spacious and ultramodern look while adding an eclectic touch to the space.

5. Textured vinyl patterns This textured vinyl pattern mimics a concrete floor. The patterns and shading of the design etched into the vinyl give it a hyper realistic look. This concrete-like vinyl flooring is perfect for kitchens in modern industrial style homes.

6. Mosaic Mosaic patterns really stand out and help infuse new energy into a space. They are not only great for flooring, but can also be used as backsplashes to add an accent to a regular kitchen wall.

Brighten up your kitchen with one of the vinyl tile patterns above. They are a durable, easy to maintain, and economical way to improve parts of your kitchen without investing too much time and money.


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