The Icicb group will exploit the production of high-end luxury jewelry

The ICICB group sets up a line of jewelry for the fashion industry, ICICB Jewelry, a new identity to make a place for itself in the industry.

The Group’s new effort focuses on creating unique handcrafted jewelry, combining conventional and cutting-edge technology. It creates unique, high-end collections that are unmatched while pushing the boundaries of the diamond industry, the group said in a statement.

“Ideas from individual companies are important and can lead to meaningful and beneficial actions. However, the exchange of ideas between companies themselves has had an even greater impact that can lead to distinct projects and actions. This concept has been adopted by the ICICB Group to translate personal ideas into exceptional high-end jewelry pieces,” the company said.

The ICICB Group has partnered with Marvel – a pioneer in colored diamonds – to source high-quality diamonds and produce jewelry that achieves a high level of customer satisfaction and group brand loyalty, it said. -he declares.

“With assets growing from $10 billion to $16 billion, the group sees a bright future in the luxury sector, driving the development of the hospitality industry and other real estate projects,” he said. added.

The ICICB Group, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, enables its customers to gain valuable industry insights to develop solutions for the next generation. The Group chose Dubai because it is one of the few countries to maintain the pre-pandemic standard of living for its citizens.

With an emphasis on financial services and investment management, the Group develops and offers new products and services to meet the expectations of stakeholders, including customers and partners. As new projects move forward, Group members work diligently to help businesses get started, run and become global leaders.

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