The oldest Eurasian jewelry found in Poland

Photo: Antonino Vazzana / BONES Laboratory

Ivory pendant

It is also known that similar jewelry has already been found in different parts of Europe. They belonged to the Cro-Magnons.

In the Polish cave of Steinia, scientists have discovered the oldest jewels dating back more than 41,500 years. This is stated in scientific reports.

Scientists found a bone awl and an ivory pendant. The age of the artifacts was determined using radiocarbon analysis.

& # 171; This decoration speaks of the extraordinary creative abilities of the people who lived here, as well as their ability to manipulate tools. The thickness of the pendant is only 3.7mm, which is a testament to the incredible dexterity with which the holes were made and the patterns were drawn in them & # 187; & # 8212; noted one of the authors of the article, researcher at the University of Wroclaw Violetta Nowachevska.

It should be noted that these artifacts were made by the first Cro-Magnons in Europe. Since there were no Neanderthals at that time.

Scientists paid more attention to the suspension. It looks like a thin bone plate 3.7mm thick, several inches long and wide. The pendant is completely covered with a pattern of circles and lines.

It is assumed that these models end up adding to a moon phase diagram or counting tablet.

Recall that earlier in the Ternopil region, archaeologists unearthed unique artefacts from the 18th century.

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