The Saturday Poem: I lend Jeanette Fitzsimons my pen on the plane by Murray Edmond

A recent and unpublished poem by Auckland poet Murray Edmond.

I lend Jeanette Fitzsimons my pen on the plane

She has important things to prepare.

I have just read Balzac.

A silly story about

to fall in love:

a man is hiding in a woman’s room

so he can watch her undress.

It’s definitely getting worse and worse

the low

in the environment

and we fly in a plane

for chrissake.

I mean, “What are we doing,

Jeanette? “

but I’m going back to Balzac

wrap myself in her wild ass skin

where one of the characters talks about another character

“It’s more than a woman, it’s a novel” –

you got the idea.

Jeanette was leader of the Green Party.

I am a green voter.

She starts rummaging in her bag

told her husband she had two pens

when she left this morning.

I realize that I have two pens

I can contribute to the cause.

“Right here”

I say

“use this.”

She takes the pen.

“Idiot to work in an airplane”

she says

“Better to read a novel.

I wave my hand

in the air to indicate

something vague about the choices

but i can see her

do not understand

my gesture is too wobbly

to fight against a cause, you have to be faster


more decisive.

Return to Balzac.

Jeanette dives into the

information documents.

From the neighborhood

of my eye

i can see my pen

do its job

for the cause.

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