This chain lubricant won gold in Tokyo


Is this the new benchmark in chain lubricant? (Photo: Muc-Off)

  • Chain lubricant doesn’t just keep your chain clean – it can make you run faster too
  • Chemical formulations used in chain lubricant require careful development
  • Muc-Off’s latest chain lubrication product, delivered exceptional performance to Olympic cyclists

Lubricating the chain can save you money and make you run faster.

It remains one of the few maintenance and performance gains that does not require the assistance of a professional mechanic.

A properly lubricated bicycle chain will last much longer due to its reduced friction, which generates wear. And if you consider the cost of new drivetrain components, preventing premature chain and gear wear is a very worthwhile investment in time and effort.

The other benefit of properly cleaning and lubricating your chain is superior performance. A transmission with lubrication that penetrates the chain rollers will create less parasitic drag – and that means more of your pedaling effort is transferred to the spinning of the rear wheel instead of being lost through parasitic drag.

Most cyclists have a preference for the preferred chain lubricant. And many of these chain lubricant brands make bold claims about the quality of their products.

Muc-Off is a British bicycle cleaning and lubrication brand that has invested heavily in the development of its product. The name is Ludicrous AF chain lubricant formula.

The claim of this new chain lubricant is that it penetrates all those tiny metal scars that develop over the life of a drivetrain. This allows Ludicrous AF chain lubricant to create a smoother interface between the individual components that make up a chain, making it last longer and run smoother.

Part of Muc-Off’s investment in new R&D equipment includes a white light interferometer. This device allowed Muc-Off’s chemistry and engineering team to assess how chain lubricant beds form a chain, at the molecular level.

What’s in this new Wonder chain lubricant? Muc-Off says the formulation includes proprietary additives, including synthetic polymers – ideal for long distances.

Unlike many other chain lubricants, which work in dusty or muddy conditions, Ludicrous AF formula is an all-purpose lubricant, for driving in summer and winter.

Is it good? Well, six of the Olympic cycling gold medalists in Tokyo were using Ludricous AF.

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