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VCU Demo Day, the da Vinci Center for Innovation’s annual event showcasing top talent in student entrepreneurship at Virginia Commonwealth University, will be held on Friday, April 29 and will highlight and reward talent from around the world. university for innovations ranging from medical devices to social networks and nonprofit ideas.

This year, six teams will pitch their ideas on stage, then the audience will join a reception at the VCU Shift Retail Lab, 1235 W. Broad St. At the reception, the audience will see more than 40 projects and presentations from founding students of everywhere VCU for the people’s choice award.

Financial rewards are provided by members of the da Vinci Center Advisory Board and event sponsor, Capital One. There will also be a new award presented by a VCU Demo Day alumnus, Pranav Neyveli, who attended VCU Pre-X and Demo Day in 2019 as a freshman in VCU Engineering with members of the team Brennan Stark and Satya Koppu. They introduced PeerPal, a project they were working on that allowed clients to leverage meaningful engagement between a school’s existing community of students, families and alumni with potential families. In just 18 months, PeerPal became the fastest growing admissions and marketing software provider used by prestigious schools and was acquired by Graduway in 2021.

Through VCU Pre-X and Demo Day, Neyveli worked closely with da Vinci Center Executive Director Garret Westlake, Ph.D., who offered advice and pitched it to local investors. Neyveli’s team received $5,000 through VCU Pre-X and Demo Day that year and stretched that money to launch their product. Neyveli is funding a $2,000 Todd Allen Phillips Memorial Award in honor of a high school teacher and mentor from Godwin High School. One of the many lessons Neyveli learned from his mentor was the value of hard work and he would like this year’s award to go to a team that worked hard to get his idea off the ground, he said. Neyveli is also returning to the Demo Day scene with a new venture he is working on with a current VCU student.

Kamal Bherwani, CEO of government technology provider GCOM, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s event.

Join the da Vinci Center teams in person or via livestream this year:

Student pitches


Contractor: Briana Williams

LipLoveLine provides customers with ingredient-aware lip care products to enable self-expression in the best and cleanest way possible: through the lips. Williams currently attends Lighthouse Labs and was recently recognized in Style Weekly’s 40 under 40.

It’s The Ve

Contractor: Yosef Mirakov Cohen

C’est La Vé is a 100% vegan snack format. Mirakov Cohen aims to create an affordable, on-the-go, vegan snack pack for anyone who wants to save time and effort to get a quick, high-protein bite.


Entrepreneurs: Miguel Rao and Pranav Neyveli

Wyndicate means winning syndicate. Wyndicate hopes to solve the problem that most crypto businesses face: getting new people (not crypto-educated) to buy cryptocurrency and participate in Web3 projects and communities.

Contractors: Bella Lubinskas, Brenna Gill, Hayden Taylor
Better2gether is a local non-profit organization in Richmond that provides non-medical assistance to families with children with complex medical conditions. Better2gether understands that the needs of patients and their families don’t end after they leave the doctor’s office.

KB Health
Contractors: Amir Behdani
KBHealth introduces the Proactive and Comprehensive Diversion Monitoring (ProCDM) program, a system that can accurately and efficiently assess every gap in the chain of custody in the management of controlled substances in hospital and outpatient settings. Since September, the program has been implemented in a 114-bed acute care rehabilitation hospital and has been able to reduce hours of manual follow-up for deviations from over 40 to minutes per month.

Contractor: Peyton Spangler

Spangler wants to create a toy that gives children the ability to create their own worlds. Noodlers take children away from screens and into the world of their imagination. They are made from high quality, durable natural rubber, which reduces the environmental impact of plastic in landfills. Spangler is currently a student at VCU Brandcenter.

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