Vera Wang Net Worth (2021 Update)


What is Vera Wang’s net worth?

Net value : $ 650 million
Age: 72
Born: June 27, 1949
Native country: united states of america
Wealth source: Fashion designer
Last update: 2021


Vera Wang is an American fashion designer.

Wang was a senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years. She was then design director for Ralph Lauren. She has a large Hollywood audience and also designs lingerie, jewelry, and home products. Wang was born in New York to wealthy immigrants from Shanghai.

In 2021, Vera Wang’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 650 million.

Early life

Vera Ellen Wang was born on June 27, 1949 in New York City. Wang’s parents were born in China and arrived in the United States in the mid-1940s.

Her mother worked as a translator for the United Nations, her father graduated from Yanjing University, and MIT owned a drug company. Her maternal grandfather is the warlord of the Fengtian Wu Junsheng clique; the Empire of Japan killed him in the Huanggutun incident in 1928.


Wang’s career began when she was hired to be a writer at Vogue. This makes her the magazine’s youngest editor. She spent 17 years at Vogue. Left in 1987 to join Ralph Lauren, for whom she worked for 2 years. At 40, she quit and became a freelance bridal wear designer.

In 2001, her book ‘Vera Wang on Weddings’ was released. A few years later, she won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Womenswear Designer of the Year. The following year, Wang received the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from Savannah College of Art and Design.

That same year, she struck a deal with Kohl’s, a department store chain, to produce a cheaper ready-to-wear line exclusively for them, called Simply Vera. Forbes then placed her 34th richest self-taught women in 2018.

Vera Wang Spring / Summer 2014 show at New York Fashion Week Wang has made wedding dresses for people like Ariana Grande, Chelsea Clinton, Karenna Gore, Ivanka Trump, Campbell Brown, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Avril Lavigne.

Wang has designed costumes for figure skaters including Nancy Kerrigan, Michelle Kwan, Evan Lysacek and Nathan Chen. Kerrigan wore a Wang piece for the 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics, Kwan for the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics.

In 2021, Vera Wang’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 650 million.

How does Vera Wang spend her money?

Vera Wang spends some of her money on charities and real estate.

Vera Wang’s house

Wang owns a house in Manhattan. She has lived there since 2007.

Vera Wang’s charitable work

Wang has helped charities such as DKMS, Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceana, and Save the Children.

Strong points

Here are some of the highlights of Vera Wang’s career:

  • Vera Wang on marriages (Autobiography, 2001)
  • Fashion Designers Council of America (2005) – Won

Favorite quotes from Vera Wang

“I never thought I would be successful. It seems in my mind that in everything that I have undertaken, I have never really made the mark. But I have always known how to put disappointments aside. Success is not about the end result; it’s about what you learn along the way. – Vera Wang

“I was the girl that no one thought would ever get married. I was going to be a fashion nun the rest of my life. There are generations, these fashionable nuns, who live, eat, breathe clothes. – Vera Wang

“I have been drawing since I was 8 years old. I started to design dresses that I could wear when I was skating. I have always been involved in all aspects of skating, not just the technique, the choreography, the music, but also the visual aspects – what I should wear. – Vera Wang

“Figure skating has been a big influence for me. I took dance lessons at the School of American Ballet, which helped me skate. And whether you’re a skateboarder or a dancer, without appearing narcissistic, it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror. ” – Vera Wang

“There was no relationship between a wedding dress and fashion. There was no good taste either. I realized that I could make an impression in terms of changing and reorienting the whole bridal industry. – Vera Wang

4 inspiring lessons from Vera Wang

Now that you know all about Vera Wang’s net worth and how she got it; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from it:

1. Passionate

When you have a passion for something, you not only tend to be better, but you also work harder at it.

2. Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn. It’s good to work for others.

3. Fall in love

The key to falling in love with anything, anything, if your heart is attached to it, then your mind will be attached to it.

4. Success

Success isn’t about the end result – it’s about what you learn along the way.


Vera Wang is an American fashion designer and former figure skater.

She is best known for her wedding dress designs, which have been worn by several celebrities including Chelsea Clinton, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner, Holly Hunter and Alicia Keys. Wang also designed collections of housewares, shoes, perfumes, eyewear, and jewelry.

In 2021, Vera Wang’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 650 million.

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