Wealth Creation Guru Dominique Grubisa Reportedly Used Banned Lawyer Father In $ 1.2 Million Mehajer Loan


Salim Mehajer in court in August.Credit:Janie Barrett

But Ms Grubisa’s methods have recently drawn criticism from former clients, leading to referrals to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and legal professional bodies in NSW and Victoria.

Australia’s Family Court has also referred Ms Grubisa to Australian Federal Police for her practice of advising clients to use the court list to identify divorcing couples who may have distressed properties for sale. . It is an offense for someone to publish matters that are in family court.

Ms Grubisa vigorously denies any wrongdoing and pointed out how her advice on buying distressed assets often delivers mutually beneficial results for sellers and buyers.

His use of his father, former Sydney attorney Christopher Fitzsimons, in his work as DG Legal has been reported to the NSW Law Society and the Victoria Legal Services Board.

Mr. Fitzsimons, who in recent years has used the name “Christopher Jackson”, has consistently endorsed the legal advice provided in official letters to Ms. Grubisa’s legal clients. He also signed invoices for legal work.

A document obtained by Sunday age and The Sun-Herald is a statutory declaration purportedly made by a “Christopher Charles Jackson” in which he states that his home address is that of the owner of Unity Funding based in Queensland. Ms Grubisa’s father lives in Sydney.

The statutory declaration was attested by a person who signed his name as Dominique Grubisa, a practicing lawyer.


In a statement to Sunday age and The Sun-HeraldMs Grubisa said that she had never authorized her father to perform legal functions for DG Legal and that he was only hired to perform administrative tasks. She said she was unaware that he had signed documents and invoices on her official letterhead and had stopped working for her since early 2018.

Ms Grubisa also said she had never witnessed a statutory declaration from her father using Chris Jackson’s name or containing false information.

Mr Fitzsimons’ certificate of practice in New South Wales was revoked in 2007 after he was charged with fraudulent embezzlement. Mr. Fitzsimons was convicted of these offenses in 2009 and struck off local attorneys in 2012.


Ms Grubisa’s former legal clients said they were not told that Mr Jackson was Ms Grubisa’s father. They were also not told about his criminal past and his ban on practicing the legal profession.

Ms Grubisa’s mother, Maria Fitzsimons, has also advised some of her daughter’s legal clients although she has also been struck off the role of attorneys since 2013 for her role in embezzling over $ 600,000 in client funds.

Ms Grubisa has previously denied that either of her parents does legal work. Instead, they had provided administrative support, she said.

The NSW Law Society has been investigating complaints against Ms Grubisa for over two years. He refused to say anything publicly, citing a rule that prevents him from commenting on individual practitioners.

Although she operates out of Sydney, Ms Grubisa does not have a New South Wales legal practice certificate. Rather, it operates under a certificate issued by the Victorian authorities.

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