Wearing the STAUD 57/40 from New Balance: a superb sneaker inspired by the 80s


Classic then, classic now.

This is the motto behind the long-standing partnership between New Balance and STAUD, which began in 2019 and has been on the rise since then. The duo’s sneakers – including the 327, 574 and 57/40 models – effortlessly combine New Balance heritage with modern STAUD flair, resulting in kicks that are fine, classic at the time and classic. now.

The two brands’ most recent collaboration “embodies the perfect union between two brands, proving that good style is an evolution, not a revolution,” said Sarah Staudinger, co-founder and creative director of STAUD, in a statement from hurry. Designed to celebrate New Balance classics, the capsule features a version inspired by the legacy of the 574 as well as a modern redesign of the 57/40 sneaker.

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Both shoes accentuate their gray upper with primary colors, referencing ’80s workout videos with shades of bright blue, green, yellow and red. The accompanying clothes take on the same hues – though an equally retro campaign suggests you can wear the sneakers with scrunchies and leotards as well.

Among the sea of ​​vintage color and graphics, STAUD’s redesign of the New Balance 57/40 shoe is particularly alluring. For the first time ever, the sneaker features translucent forefoot panels, allowing wearers to make their socks a must-have look. A chunky, curved sole reinforces the vintage design of the 57/40, and a myriad of lace colors – each matching one of the shoe’s main shades – means the sneaker is the most customizable of collaborative offerings.

Tried and true

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Rejecting the usual orange and brown palette of fall, the latest collaboration from STAUD and New Balance encourages people to add a little (or a lot) of color into their everyday lives. The 57/40 can reflect someone’s favorite shades with matching blue, green, yellow, black and red laces, or show off its wearer’s funky socks. Please, please do not wear the sneakers without socks as demonstrated on the STAUD site.

Styling the 57/40 was a bit tougher than expected, thanks to its translucent panels. It didn’t feel like – or frankly, it didn’t – wearing the sneakers with old plain white socks, but adding a colorful pattern made the look too much. Out of the box kicks seemed to fit everything, but on the feet they got a little harder to deal with.

After trying on more daring designs, I opted for a pair of gray polka-dot socks, which mimicked some of the shoe’s colors. They mismatched the sneakers in the right way, contrasting the chunky white sole and blue and red undertones on the upper. A pair of black socks provided a similar look, enhancing the colorful accents a bit more, but I preferred the gray look.

Let’s go weird

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The lineup of big names who have worn previous collaborations with Staud and New Balance – like Larry David and Timothée Chalamet – are testament to its versatility, and the 57/40 is no exception. The combination of traditional details like a suede heel tab with more modern features like its translucent forefoot panels means the shoe won’t go out of style anytime soon. How could he, if his style reflects both now and then?

New Balance and STAUD’s rainbow shoe is the better of the two brands, but brighter. Based on the original 574 model, the 57/40 sneaker exaggerates its features much like chunky running shoes from the ’80s. Its stacked sole and mudguard combine wavy and flared shapes, making it an eye-catching base ( and comfortable). A more traditional textured rubber outsole completes the look.

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The racing silhouette is actually designed for the gym – “combining functionality and modern details,” Staudinger reassured in a press release. A modified tread pattern outsole, along with New Balance’s famous cushioned sockliner, helps your foot grip with every step you take; an important factor if you will be wearing these athletic shoes to the gym (or just flaunt your new sneakers).

Walking around the 57/40 was a less sweaty experience than I expected. Haunted by memories of jelly shoes and translucent slippers, I expected my feet to slip into the sneakers about 10 minutes after wearing them. With a textured fabric covering the frosted panels, however, my feet stayed in place – and there was no fogging in the sneakers either.


As fashionable as it is functional, the ’80s sneaker features a simple design that makes it easy to love. While it fits nicely into on-trend vintage styles, the colorful shoe transcends the trends, somewhat justifying its $ 150 retail price. Just think of the sneaker as an alternative to go-to shoes like the Air Force 1 or Samba – trust you will get more compliments and unique fits from these shoes.

Unlike previous STAUD x New Balance collaborations, the 57/40 sneaker is still available weeks after its release. Extended sizes, ranging from men’s 4 to 16, can be found on the STAUD and New Balance websites.

Effortlessly cool, the translucent 57/40 is a shoe you’ll want to wear every day, as long as your accompanying socks are clean. Its interchangeable laces and translucent details are enough to keep you from getting bored with the sneaker, and with winter approaching, you’ll want a colorful style in your spin.

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