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Western decor is definitely having a moment, especially here in Oklahoma. Incorporating items such as cowhide rugs and colorful tribal-inspired geometric bedding, many homeowners look to the American West for inspiration when it comes to decorating their homes.

Even if you don’t live near the American West, this type of furniture may be accessible to you.

For those looking to decorate their homes with items reminiscent of cowboy country, here are three Oklahoma stores that specialize in western home furnishings and decor.

Custom bar stools from LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings are accessorized with dyed crocodile skin and leather fringe.

Courtesy, LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings

1. Woodland Creek Furniture

Woodland Creek Furniture was launched in 2012 originally as a wholesaler, selling furniture to companies such as Bass Pro Shops. Today, the company is focused on producing custom western-style furniture from a 55,000 square foot showroom and workshop in Tulsa.

The company focuses on creating special rustic pieces, using locally sourced materials, said Donna Laster, general manager of Woodland Creek Furniture. In addition to custom Western-style decor, Woodland Creek also offers The Refuge Lifestyle, which showcases new trends in contemporary, modern, and rustic furnishings.

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western decor

A table in the making is on display at Woodland Creek Furniture. The company uses locally sourced wood to create its home furnishings.

Michael Noble Jr., Tulsa World Magazine

“Anything you can dream of, we can have it built for you,” Laster said. “Because we source the wood locally, our furniture has its own personality, its own life. It has a story – perhaps it was a tree that stood on a mound under which someone sat to shade themselves from the sun. It gives off a story – just by being near it, you know this tree has lived an exquisite life.

People want rustic, ranch-style furniture and decor because it reminds them of what’s most important in life, Laster said.

“The lifestyle and aura that comes with furniture appeals to people because it takes us back to a simpler time in our lives,” Laster said. “It takes us back to our roots; it’s local. It lends itself to sitting at the table and telling stories as it used to be.

2. LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings

LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings is a family owned Western and rustic accessories store with locations in Pawhuska, Oklahoma City and Amarillo. Founded in 1993, the company uses premium cow and deer hides, Tibetan leathers and Western-style fabrics to create items for bedrooms, offices, dining rooms and living rooms, as well as other accents for the home.


The use of animal skins is hugely popular in the Western furniture and decorating world, said Dr. Kari López, Founder and CEO of LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings.

Courtesy, LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings

“When you walk into our front door, you will smell the wonderful woods we use for all of our furniture and the smell of leather,” said Dr. Kari López, Founder and CEO of LOREC Ranch Home Furniture. “You can choose the beautiful fabrics you’d like to use and the color dyes and washes — turquoise, barn red, gray — you want. You get that experience when you walk into our store, and we treat you as a friend when you leave. We really get to know our customers, they are our main source of inspiration.

López said she’s noticed over the years that her customers are drawn to the iconic history of the American West and want to bring a piece of that culture home.

“It all comes back to the American cowboy – John Wayne, the nostalgic feeling of the look in a cowboy’s eyes, the handshake, all of their personality that we try to bring into our store,” López said. “People want a signature piece of Western tailoring in their own homes.”

3. Western Lone Star Decoration

Lone Star Western Decor is an Enid-based mail order catalog and e-commerce business that offers decor, rugs, bedding, kitchenware, furniture and more in Western and Southwestern styles . The company was started 20 years ago in CEO Jason Dupus’ garage and is now one of the largest e-commerce companies of its kind, Dupus said. In addition to Lone Star Western Décor, the company also has two other stores – Black Forest Décor and Bella Coastal Décor – offering lodge and cabin-themed decor and nautical-style home decor, respectively.

Lone Star Western Décor Sun Rawhide Metal Wall Art

Decor and furniture inspired by the American Southwest are especially popular right now, said Jason Dupus, CEO of Lone Star Western Décor.

Courtesy of Lone Star Western Decor

“Western decor can be divided into two categories: cowboy-themed and southwestern-themed,” Dupus said. “The strongest and most popular theme is the Southwest – we’ve noticed that people are really drawn to the colorful patterns and geometric shapes of the Southwest and want to see them in their homes.”

A hallmark of Southwestern furniture and decor is the richness of colors like turquoise, chocolate brown, beige, amber, red, and orange. Southwestern geometric patterns are extremely popular, especially for bedding and rugs. One particular aspect of Lone Star Western Décor is the sheer volume of items they carry, Dupus said.

Western Lone Star Decoration

The Sheridan Table Lamp from Lone Star Western Décor uses leather engraved with a western style floral pattern.

Courtesy of Lone Star Western Decor

“The huge selection in multiple categories that we have sets us apart – we have so many unique items that you can’t find anywhere else,” Dupus said. “A lot of our inventory is custom designs and things that were made just for us, and that also makes us quite unique.”

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