Why are most high-end cosmetics packaged in glass bottles?

Why are most high-end cosmetics packaged in glass bottles?

The main cosmetic containers are glass bottles, plastic bottles and tubes, and each type of container plays a unique and vital role in cosmetic packaging. Glass bottles account for only less than 8% of the total cosmetic bottle wholesale market, while plastic bottles and tubes occupy the remaining market share. But in the cosmetics industry, there is an interesting thing that almost all high-end cosmetics are in glass bottles. Do you know why? Let’s talk about it today.

Glass bottles VS. plastic bottles, which type of container is best?

This question has been debated for a long time, but cosmetic suppliers always choose the “right” packaging material they think. After all, everyone is entitled to have different preferences or to make different choices. In fact, glass cosmetic containers or plastic bottles are not extremely good or bad. Different cosmetic companies or brands choose different “appropriate” packaging materials for different products based on the specific positioning, cost and profit needs of their own brands and products. It is perfectly natural and justified. If you don’t know their features and differences clearly, you may not know how to choose the right cosmetic container. To help you make the right choice, Uzone compares the advantages and disadvantages of glass bottles and plastic bottles, as well as the differences between them.

plastic bottles

Advantages of plastic bottles: 1. Compared with glass bottles, plastic bottles are less dense, lighter, not easy to break, convenient to store and transport, easy for consumers to carry and use, and have a adjustable transparency. 2. Plastic bottles have better corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, high mechanical strength and low production loss, and are easy to shape. 3. Plastic products are easy to color, and the color can be adjusted as needed. 4. The cost of plastic bottles will be lower than glass cosmetic containers. Disadvantages of plastic bottles: 1. Plastic bottles will easily produce chemical reactions with cosmetics, which can easily deteriorate them. 2. Plastic bottles are easy to carry static electricity, and the surface is easily contaminated. 3. Plastic packaging containers are not environmentally friendly, and the discarded materials will cause environmental pollution. 4. Plastic glasses look relatively cheap, so they are not suitable for high-end cosmetics.

Glass bottles

Advantages of glass bottles: 1. Wholesale glass cosmetic bottles have perfect stability and barrier, are non-toxic and tasteless, and do not easily produce chemical reaction with skin care products, so that cosmetics cannot deteriorate easily. 2. Glass bottles are highly transparent, so the contents are clearly visible. Physically attractive bottles give consumers the feeling that the products are high class. 3. Glass bottles are rigid, not easy to deform and heavier, so consumers can feel that the products are of high quality. 4. Glass bottles have better temperature tolerance, can be sterilized at high temperature or stored at low temperature. 5. Glass bottles can be recycled and reused, without polluting the environment. Disadvantages of glass cosmetic containers: 1. Glass bottles are brittle, easy to break, and difficult to store and transport. 2. The heavy weight of glass bottles increases transportation costs. 3. The processing of glass bottles consumes a lot of energy and pollutes the environment. 4. Glass bottles have poor printing performance compared to plastic bottles. In summary, glass bottles and plastic bottles are different in nature, characteristics and advantages. Wholesale plastic cosmetic bottles are the best choice if businesses emphasize cost, storage and transportation, and glass bottles are suitable for cosmetic suppliers, especially high-end cosmetic brands, who focus on product quality, stability, value and quality.

Reasons for premium cosmetics in glass bottles

Reason 1: Maintain and improve core content protection functionality

High-end cosmetics packaged in glass bottles can fulfill their basic function of content protection and quality assurance. In the era of “effective skin care” change, an increasing number of high-end cosmetic companies prefer glass bottle packaging. It can be seen from the above analysis that the glass cosmetic containers have excellent stability, barrier, heat resistance, light resistance and solvent resistance, are non-toxic and tasteless, and do not easily produce chemical reaction. with skin care products. As a result, glass bottles are the most reassuring material in terms of safety and stability! Glass bottles for cosmetics are more beneficial for preserving skincare products such as antioxidants, anti-aging and whitening effects, since these ingredients are highly active and easily affected by light. Additionally, glass bottles have a high gas barrier, making them the preferred packaging material for volatile and easily dissipated perfumes and other scented products.

Reason 2: Attract customers and introduce the brand

Most cosmetics are liquid, milky or creamy liquid and have no distinctive appearance, so beautiful and unique glass cosmetic containers can express the characteristics of cosmetics. Translucent or completely transparent glass bottles are now used to highlight the composition and color of the liquid. The first important thing is to grab the consumer’s attention and then trigger the desire to buy. Transparent and pure, noble and elegant, this is the charm of the glass bottle. Therefore, designing and adopting fashionable, eye-catching, energetic and interesting outer glass bottles is one of the ways for cosmetic manufacturers to win over consumers.

Reason 3: Maximize the taste and value of cosmetics

Various skin care ideas are popping up in the market, and various glass bottles are vying to dazzle customers. Many products not only sell efficiency, but also promote fashion and culture, that is, taste. Product advertising and counter displays are often used to reflect the taste of cosmetics, and the glass bottle is also an important medium. A decent glass bottle can not only stimulate consumers’ senses directly, but also can reflect the taste of the product to the fullest extent. In addition, the heaviness of glass bottles can multiply consumer confidence and improve the quality of cosmetics, but wholesale plastic cosmetic bottles cannot. The above three reasons show that glass bottles are definitely the perfect choice as a quality cosmetic packaging material. Although the proportion of glass bottles in cosmetic packaging is small, it has irreplaceable advantages in the field of packaging and will remain the first choice for high-quality cosmetics.

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