Woolnut AirPods Max case review: functional but expensive


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Dust settled on the uproar that emanated from the dubiously-designed cover Apple shipped with the AirPods Max, but that hasn’t removed the need for a more protective option. That’s why we’re reviewing the new Woolnut AirPods Max case.

Sitting in the high end of the category price range, Woolnut offers a premium, premium leather solution carefully crafted to accommodate Apple’s most expensive headphones.

Design and quality

Here is what we work with. Much like Woolnut’s iPhone cases and the recent Tech Organizer we reviewed, the AirPods Max case is made from rich Scandinavian leather in one of three colourways. You can choose between Cognac, black or green.

We have chosen Cognac to pair it with our AirPods Max Space Gray.

Woolnut logo embossed in premium leather

The Woolnut logo is stamped into the leather on the top, but otherwise the exterior is left to showcase the leather. It’s a pebble texture on the leather that just helps pull the case out of our bag a bit, especially if we’re packing things a little too tight.

Amazing YKK EXCELLA zipper

The case closes with a real YKK Excella zipper which according to YKK is its high quality metal zipper and features individually polished components for a smooth pull when opening or closing. It’s very precise as you slide it along its way and looks a lot nicer than your average zipper.

We also love the cable management in this case. Don’t worry, you don’t need to just run the cable through a partially unzipped zipper.

Cable management for Woolnut AirPods Max case

Integrated cable management on Woolnut AirPods Max case

Instead, Woolnut put a small cutout at the bottom of the case that allows it to easily slide in and connect directly to your AirPods Max. However, we have a concern about this when it comes to longevity.

This little hole would be difficult to polish with wax – and take longer to make – so Woolnut uses a leather edge sealer. Something like Fiebing’s Duracoat which is painted to protect the leather edge.

As we have seen with some wallets and other leather goods, this edge can peel off with use. With the cable sliding in and out of the case, we wonder if this end will start to peel off at some point. The rest of the product is of a very high quality so we anticipate that the same care has been taken here as well and that it won’t break down anytime soon, but the idea crossed our minds.

Magnetic leather sensor

Magnetic leather sensor

Inside we have a small leather wall which when your headphones are placed inside is between the ear cups. This mimics Apple’s other origami-style case as it contains a magnet to put the AirPods Max into ultra-low power mode. It can help save battery while they’re in the case.

Padded interior and straps inside

Padded interior and straps inside

Other aspects to note with the interior, it is ultra-padded and soft to ensure that nothing should ever damage your luxury Apple headphones. It’s a suede-like material and is nicer to the touch than your average microfiber.

The top cover has two sewn-in pads that cushion your ear cups which most likely appear to be scratched as they are made of softer anodized aluminum. It also has a small elastic band which is perfect for sliding your power cable.

Another elastic strap sits at the bottom to hold a small USB charger. That way, you can grab your AirPods Max case and have a charger, cable, and headphones ready to go.

Should you buy the Woolnut AirPods Max case?

Sometimes it’s hard to sell a high-end cover for AirPods because they’re relatively cheap compared to other Apple products and they don’t do much other than add style.

With AirPods Max, the cover not only protects your headphones, but functionally helps by putting them in low power mode. Apple hasn’t done us a favor with its less than ideal bundle coverage either. With such an expensive headset, a high-end case is almost a given.

Wool AirPods Max Case

Wool AirPods Max Case

What makes us think is that while it’s not huge at all, it’s not small either. It’s a bit bulkier and takes up more space in our bag than just putting down the AirPods Max or even Apple’s own cover.

Assuming you have the space and want a premium cover for your high-end Apple headphones, Woolnut has you covered.

  • High quality leather
  • Solid polished metal YKK zipper
  • Easy access charging port
  • Internal magnet for standby mode
  • Elastic supports for charger and cable
  • Beautiful colors
  • Dear
  • On the big side

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Or buy

Get the Woolnut AirPods Max leather case on Amazon for $ 139 in black, cognac or green.


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