Yugoslavian chic: the dresses of Tito’s wife Jovanka Broz are on display


The exhibition begins with the clothes Josip Broz Tito’s wife wore in her first public appearance after their wedding and ends as she steps down from public life with the end of the Yugoslav President’s reign four decades ago. .

Visitors can see the clothes the First Lady of Yugoslavia wore on official visits to Ethiopia, Egypt, France, Zambia, the Netherlands and other countries while Tito was in power from 1945 to 1980. These dresses were designed by Aleksandar Joksimovic, the prominent high-fashion designer in socialist Yugoslavia.

Clothes by designers Mila Cavaloti and Klara Rothschild are also on display. The exhibition opened ahead of the upcoming documentary series “Jovanka Broz and the Secret Service” on RTS.

“The good thing is that these dresses in a way testify to the times in which she lived. They may be the subject of research for certain future generations, ”Igor Todorovic, one of the creators of the exhibition, told the media at the opening last Thursday.

After her death in October 2013, Jovanka Broz’s wardrobe was kept at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. It consists of approximately 1,100 individual items, including 676 dresses and sets, 100 pairs of shoes and 85 pairs of gloves. The entire wardrobe will soon be moved to the Museum of Applied Arts, where it will be presented as a complete exhibition.

Jovanka Broz, who joined the partisan resistance movement during WWII, married Tito in 1952. After her death, all of her property was seized and she moved to a state-owned villa, where she reportedly lived. in very difficult conditions.

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