Yums has an article to capture your attention: “Chicken and Waffles”!


Yums has a new article to catch your attention: “Chicken and Waffles”

It’s the perfect dish for your wardrobe!

You will love these “chicken and waffles”. While they might not fill your empty stomach, they will fill your wardrobe and give you a new attitude and presentation. Yes, you read that right. Consider this the only time chicken and waffles will be calorie-free!

(Thanks to PBS for the photo above!)

This chicken and waffle dish is not what I’m talking about.

This last dish is something that will capture your attention! And this chicken and waffle “dish” is calorie-free and you can eat them whenever you want!
It is a pair of sneakers created by YUMS Chief Creative Officer and legendary street artist, Tex Moton.

For this exclusive drop in limited quantity, YUMS Chief Creative Officer and legendary street artist, Tex Moton, was inspired by one of his all-time favorite foods, chicken and waffles. As someone who discovers many unique shoe styles, especially sneakers, I really love giving YOU the inside scoop on these sneakers before other sneaker fanatics gobble up this limited edition launch.

Few food pairings complement each other like chicken and waffles, sweet and savory, a taste that is evident in the design of the sneaker as well as streetwear veteran Tex Moton while creating this shoe that is sure to stand out. .

From the YumsLife Instagram page.
Click the link above and watch these two men make chicken and waffles !! It is worth watching and listening. They cook chicken and waffles that will make you HANGRY !!

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About YUMS:

Originally introduced in 2007, YUMS was founded in Dallas, TX by a legendary street artist, Tex Moton. Taking inspiration from his favorite foods and snacks, Moton created the cutting edge line to disrupt the streetwear industry and change the way people connect with sneakers.
With original works of art by Moton, Signature shoes and clothing from YUMS use the perfect recipe for bold colors, fabrics and patterns which are designed to inspire self-expression and creativity. YUM… Do you understand my style?

For more information on Chicken & Waffles or to see something else on the YUMS website, visit: https://yumslife.com/

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